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It's ok.... if you grieve for your life before shutdown.

My day started as normal but as I got dressed today and put on my favourite cardigan, I was struck by an overwhelming sadness.

You see, I bought that cardigan when I was on my last overseas trip and the memories got me right in the heart all of a sudden. And it got me thinking about how much my life had changed since the start of this year.

Now, I'm normally someone who will look on the bright side of any situation, and I'm eternally grateful for my health and the health of my friends and family but thinking about some of the things that I used to take for granted brought a tear to my eye. Travel....seeing family and friends.....popping out for a able to actually get some of the things done on my to do list and silence! Silence, I remember you...

During times of great change, it is natural to yearn for what was in the past. I believe to grieve the loss of a way of life is an important part of moving forward.

I could have shaken myself off, pushed those feelings down so I could get on with the remote schooling for the day but in my experience it is key to sit with the feeling and discharge it. Suppressing these kinds of emotions have a follow on effect into other areas of my life and sense of wellbeing.

So, I told myself - "hey, it's ok to grieve these things" and sat there, allowed myself to feel that sadness.

After I finished crying, I felt a lot lighter - like a weight had lifted from my heart. It allowed me to let go.

It's ok to grieve for your life before the big change.

Stay well!

Photo credit: Paul Gilmore via Unsplash

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