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Common Food Intolerances

There are a number of foods that seems to trigger adverse reactions in people. However there are a few foods or food groups that tend to be more common than others.

The usual suspects that I see in clinical practice are:

Dairy – lactose is a trigger that most are familiar with but some are intolerant to the proteins found in dairy.

Wheat – wheat contains gluten but there are other components to wheat that may also cause adverse reactions to foods.

Gluten – gluten is a protein that is present in wheat as stated above, and is also present in rye, barley, oats , triticale and spelt.

Food additives – some people are sensitive to added colours, flavours or preservatives can experience adverse reactions. MSG is a more well known trigger and often those who are sensitive with experience symptoms such as headaches or asthma.

Fructose malabsorption – some people have trouble absorbing fructose causing digestive disturbance. Limiting high fructose foods can be of benefit.

Other foods that may also be a trigger (amongst others!) are egg – particularly egg white and naturally occurring food chemicals – this includes salicylates, amines which are natural occurring in foods and can affect some people.

It is possible to be sensitive to more than one food or a group of foods which can make discovering the trigger food much more difficult. Being mindful of what has been eaten after symptoms are experienced, even in the preceding couple of days can make it easier to determine.

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