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3 tips for if you have just found out you have a food intolerance

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

So...... you've got a food intolerance? Finding out you have a food intolerance can be a big shock - particularly if that food makes up a big part of your diet or you have multiple foods to consider.

Here are 3 tips for you for when you need to restrict your diet.

1. Get to know the items that your food trigger is found in

With food triggers like gluten, dairy, soy and egg - they can be present in a number of foods you don't expect. These foods or derivatives of these foods are often in packaged and processed items - for example: gluten can be present in marinades and sauces - even in certain brands of potato chips.

Sometimes food allergens may be involved in the preparation or processing of a food or a alternate name may be used than the one you are most familiar with.

Different medication and supplements should also be checked as some excipients in the medicines may be an issue. Which brings me to my next point....

2. Read labels

Here in Australia, we have great labelling laws for foods. The food labelling laws state common allergens (peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, sesame seeds, fish, shellfish, soy, wheat and lupins) must be declared on the label and will often be marked in bold lettering. Many companies will also declare if something may contain an allergen or if it is manufacture in the same plant as an allergen. But always continue to check the labels - foods may change or be reformulated so it is important to always read the label before purchasing.

3. Be prepared

It is easy to fall off the dietary restriction band wagon when you are busy, tired or out for a social occasion. Batch cooking/preparing meals can help this. Also calling ahead to restaurants to let them know of any dietary restrictions can mean you have a really enjoyable meal, instead of having to guess what might be ok. Let friends know before any social events what you may not be able to eat and be prepared to taken something along with you if need be.

Photo credit: Katie Smith via Unsplash

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