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Mindful Eating

Getting the most out of the food we eat means making sure we optimise digestion. Employing some mindful eating techniques may help get the most of what you are eating.

- Don’t eat when stressed. Ever notice that your appetite decreases when you are worried? When we are stressed, the body is more concerned with the fight or flight response rather than digesting that huge meal in front of you.

- Chew your food thoroughly. Chewing helps to mechanically breakdown your food, coating it in saliva which starts the digestive process.

- Take your time - savour each mouthful.

- You eat with more than your mouth - smell your food and looking at appetising meals can signal the body to increase production of digestive enzymes and juices, which in turn aids in the breakdown of your food.

- No distractions at the dinner table - including iPhones and even eating while watching tv.

Bon appetit!

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