• Help Me! I have a food intolerance Ecourse!

    No idea what to eat?

    This 6 week course, beginning on 27th January 2021 is designed to help support you through the dietary change when you have a food intolerance. 

    This e-course will be covering gluten free, dairy free, egg free diets and digestive health; while also providing recipes and meal inspiration to support you in your food intolerance journey.

    This course is suitable for you if:

    • You have a gluten, dairy or egg intolerance (not allergy).

    • You have never started a food elimination diet before and you have no idea what to eat.

    • You need guidance on which foods to avoid and which to include in your diet

    • You are concerned about missing out of nutrients while on an elimination diet.

    • You are interested in improving your digestive health.

    • You need recipes and inspiration.

    • You have family members that need a deeper understanding of how to cater for gluten, dairy and egg intolerances


    This course may not right for you if:

    • You have food allergies or been diagnosed with Coeliac disease (in these cases seeing a health professional to tailor recommendations to your situation is best)

    • If you have complex health concerns better suited to seeing a health professional 

    • If you have been on an elimination diet long term and are pretty well versed in dietary substitutions

    • If you do not have a food intolerance 

    • If you do not like video calls and online course delivery



    ​What is included in the Help Me! I have a food intolerance! e-course

    • Help navigating your dietary change

    • Guidance on food to avoid but more importantly - what you CAN actually eat!

    • Foods and nutrients to include in your diet

    • Strategies to support your digestive health

    • Recipes that are easy and family friendly

    • Meal Inspiration

    • Access to a FB group for additional recipes, meal inspiration and discussion

    • Weekly Facebook lives to chat about the course content and answer any questions


    Sounds good enough to eat? Book now

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